Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lauren Daigle Featured on 'Blade Runner 2049' Soundtrack

Lauren Daigle's original song "Almost Human" appears on the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack.

Daigle's management was contacted by record label Alcon Sleeping Giant, requesting her talents. Lauren had just finished telling her management team of her desire to eventually write a score for a film, when they chuckled and told her the news. "I started laughing because timing is not something I take for granted; I see it as fingerprints." Daigle wrote in a lengthy Facebook post about her experience. After accepting and flying to LA, it took Lauren and a writing team only two days to finish the song. "There is a moment in the writing room that I wait for, the moment where I can feel God breathe on something," Lauren said of her writing experience. "In the first day of writing, it seemingly wasn't there. I left feeling like that was my life or death, my yes or no. I knew we had to tweak some things. The next day, I went in to complete the song lyric and lay down the vocal. For me, I was still waiting. Back and forth, sitting still, walking in circles. And then, the last lyric came. We ran around the room like children. It was the moment the 'yes' showed up. The breath was there filling the words on the page and equipping my soul for territories I have never known."

Lauren described her heart behind the song and how she drew on some deep, redemptive themes from the movie to bring it to life: "We, as humans, long for hope. We long for love. We long for value. I was walking through a time where I needed to be reminded of those same things. Not because of what I do. Not because of successes. Not because I have a voice or people telling me I'm valuable. But because of whose I am and who I am. If this whole world changes, am I still whole in the end? Although, I had never seen Blade Runner 2049, I was told the synopsis of the story during the writing session. I didn't have an acting role in the film, but I had the opportunity to become a sonic actor, to tell a story of searching and questioning through sound. I dove in, relating to the emotions and feelings of each character. When it came time to act my scene, the pen and paper became the backdrop where lyrics evolved into life. I embraced the idea of what it felt like to never meet your full potential, to strive for something you could never attain, and long for what you could never have. We, as humans, can be tossed aside and undervalued even while giving life your hardest fight, your best effort. This is where I see my need for something greater. This is where I see my need for God to give me the hope I long for, the love I'm desperately wired for, and the value my identity searches for."

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Needtobreathe and Zach Williams on TV

As heard on TV...

Needtobreathe's "Feet, Don't Fail Me Now" is being used in Wrangler commercials.

Zach Williams' "Old Church Choir" was used today during Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Faith Artists Already Making an Appearance on The Voice

Season thirteen of The Voice premiered on September 25 and again features believers.

- Ashland Craft (@ashlandcraft)
- Brooke Simpson (@brookesimpson)
- Lucas Holliday (@lucasholliday)

Season 12 included:
- Anatalia Villaranda (@anatalia_v)
- Andrea Thomas (@andrearthomas)
- Brennley Brown (@BrennleyBrown)
- Chris Blue (@Chrisbluelive)
- Jack Cassidy (@jackgcassidy)
- Micah Tryba (@MicahTryba)

Season 11 also had believers such as Christian Cuevas. 
Believers found themselves in the Top 40 of season 10 (most notably finalists Hannah Huston & Mary Sarah) though the list wasn't as long as season 9.

In season 9, we noted that Christianity made a comeback on the show culminating with Jordan Smith  as the winner.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Lauren Daigle Surprised with Gold

Marking the achievement of 500,000 units sold, Daigle’s single “Trust In You” was given RIAA certification in May 2017; her single “How Can It Be” garnered the same recognition in November 2016. This milestone achievement of two Gold singles coming from a debut album (which also went Gold) is unprecedented for a female CCM artist. 

Daigle expressed how this honor resonates with her not just professionally, but personally: 

“’Trust In You’ and ‘How Can It Be’ are two songs I often return to when I feel in the thick of difficulty. They remind me of a grace that outruns any mistake, any amount of shame that arises in this race. They remind me to life my eyes to the one most Sovereign,” Daigle expressed. “I’m so honored that so many people have been impacted by these truths just as I have. There is nothing like singing these songs live with an audience that’s singing louder than myself. I’m grateful to see the unending response and thankful for all of the support. It continues to stun me!”

Thursday, September 14, 2017

for King & Country Strike RIAA Gold Three Times!

for KING & COUNTRY have struck gold as the Recording Industry Association of America has certified the group’s current album Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong Gold, signifying sales of 500,000 albums. In addition, for KING & COUNTRY’s single, “The Proof Of Your Love,” from the band’s debut album Crave, and “Fix My Eyes,” the first single from Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong were also certified Gold by the RIAA.
for KING & COUNTRY is the only artist in Christian music to receive both a Gold album and two Gold single certifications from the RIAA this year.